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Riads and dars which embody the architectural essence of Moroccan traditional houses are located in Moroccan Kingdom’s medinas. If the word “Dar” is simply translated by house, the term “riad” (or ryad) embodies the idea of a garden on top of that.

Invisible for travelers who are walking around the old town, this houses, closed from outside, don’t let show their charm. The alleyways which lead to the houses are narrow, and entrance doors are very insignificant ...

Once the doors are crossed, you will have the pleasure to discover a patio planted with trees, organized around a fountain. The sound discrepancy between the derbs’ hubbub and the house peacefulness will reinforce your serenity impression.

Square-shaped, sometimes rectangular-shaped, all of these spacious houses have one or two floors. The columns which support the roof are visible and form a gallery succession which opens up on the patio.

The ground floor is generally dedicated to common areas: living rooms, dining room, kitchens. The main bedrooms are located upstairs.

If lot of these houses has been rehabilitated into guesthouses since 15 years, all has been renovated with the greatest care in choosing materials in order to preserve them. We find there all that made the greatness of Moroccan handcrafting such as zellige, stucco, tadelakt o cedar work ...

In addition to their decorative originality and their big living areas, riads offer you to discover a customized and quality hotel service.